Best Attorney; Highly Exceeded Expectations!

David is hands down the best attorney I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Not only is he professional, he was able to give me the peace of mind of knowing everything would be taken care of. I was no longer left in the dark about my situation. I was able to openly ask him anything and everything regarding my current situation and David was not only able to guide me, but he was prompt and extremely knowledgeable. Because of David, and his ability to work in such a timely and attentive manner, I came out of my situation without a scratch. My record is still clean and there is no way I could have had the same end results without the expertise of Mr. Schnipper. I would most definitely recommend David. In fact, look no further because David Schnipper is your man. Don't hesitate. Go ahead, call him. You won't be disappointed in the slightest.

Holly R.

Quick, Easy, and Painless

David was great! He was able to help me on extremely short notice and offered me advice on all my options. On the date of my hearing, he got me in and out of my court date in less than an hour. When I showed up, everything was already done for me. I would definitely recommend David because he is knowledgeable, very understanding and accommodating.

Dave T.

Highly Recommend David

David is the real deal. Appropriately tough in defending his client (in this case, me), and yet thoughtful and wise in his advice to me surrounding my case. I felt very comfortable speaking with him about the details of my case, and trusted implicitly that he would guide me in the right direction for the success of the situation. I would absolutely engage his services in the future, and would freely and frequently recommend him to any of my personal friends, family, and/or business colleagues.

Erin E.

Phenomenal Attorney Who Gets The Results You're Seeking

Attorney David Schnipper is the most trustworthy, honest, and knowledgeable attorney I have ever met. He works very hard for all of his clients no matter how large or small the case. He is very experienced in all criminal proceedings and that experience tremendously benefits his clients everyday. Even with all of his credentials, expertise, and success, at the end of the day, he is down-to-earth and easy to talk to and will go out of his way for you. I recommend anyone and everyone to attorney David Schnipper!!!

Larry W.

Top Notch Attorney

In most cases when the need arises for the services of a criminal defense attorney, it is usually not under the most pleasant circumstances. In all of my dealings and my experiences with David, he has not only delivered the most positive results, but has made it so the end result has not impacted my life in a negative way. David's approach to taking control and working towards the most favorable outcome has enabled me to have a very bright future. I highly recommend David Schnipper as he is a top notch attorney who fights hard for his clients.

Zach T.

David is a great attorney that really cares

I can't say enough about David. When we first spoke about my case I was a wreck. I felt like my life was over and that I was being railroaded by the judicial system. It was immediately obvious that David truly cared about my situation. He let me know we had a uphill battle but that he would be there every step of the way. He did not falter on that promise. Any question I had day or night he was never more that a phone call away. Not only did I find myself in a bad situation, a family member was facing a felony charge for simply allowing me to stay with her. If not for David calling the investigator on her behalf and explaining the situation she would have lost her government job and I never would have been able to forgive myself. Not only did David protect my family for me, he was able to work out a deal where the charges where dropped and I have the opportunity for the arrest to be expunged. David went the extra mile in every way and I am truly grateful. If I ever need an attorney again, David will be my first call.

Ryan S.

I can highly recommend David Schnipper's law services!

David Schnipper did a wonderful job in helping our son. He is extremely knowledgable, cares about his clients, and will go that extra mile for them. Our son was in a very serious situation, and it looked as if the consequences would be extremely severe and there was no way to avoid a long jail sentence. We put our faith in David Schnipper, and we were so glad we did! He was able to get our son the best deal possible, making it possible for him avoid years of jail time. We have David to thank for helping our son get a second chance and a fresh start. With his knowledge of the system, his experience and abilities as a lawyer, and his sincere desire to do the best for his clients, I can highly recommend David Schnipper to anyone who needs legal assistance.

Shannon T.

My experience with lawyer David Schnipper

Mr. Schnipper was more than helpful with me on my case and took his time answering my questions. I would recommend this lawyer to anyone, he stayed on top of everything and got back with me promptly. I was very inexperienced with the law in the state, and he took his time explaining it all, as well as my options to me in detail. Overall, he was more than great to work with!

Tara B.

Great lawyer, Great results!

I had a recent case where I was out of state on vacation, and got charged with possession of marijuana. I waited until last minute to do anything about it until returning to my home state. I called multiple firms and most were either closed or out to get too much money for the work required. Then I called Mr. Schnipper, on a Saturday, and he answers and really put me at ease with the whole situation. He went to court on my behalf and got my case knocked down to 24 hours of community service which was a whole lot less than what I expected to happen. So I would say I am very pleased with Mr. Schnipper's work.

Aaron A.

Charges Dismissed

David made me feel very comfortable. He was patient and even went above and beyond my expectations of the role of an attorney. My case was dismissed due to David providing evidence. Attorney David Schnipper is a caring individual and won't stop until justice is granted.

Terri H.

Excellent lawyer

Hands down, great lawyer! He worked hard to keep me satisfied and also kept me informed 100% of the time. I don't have one negative thing to say about Mr. Schnipper, only many positive things to say. I am more than pleased with his work and would recommend him to anybody.

Daniel M.

Right man for the job

A man I never met and spoke very few words to, did all that I had asked for him to do and more. He took the initiative to seek out his job in a professional manner. I hired David to be my attorney, as well as two of my friends, we all had different cases and in my experience with David I can vouch that he is very knowledgeable with every facet of the law.  I would give my family members this attorney's number, no ifs ands or buts. He gave me a number to reach him at any given time or place.  His price was very fair as well. He will be receiving a holiday card this year. Thank you, David Schnipper.

Robert F.